Would you like to improvise? Take part in a jam session? Attend workshops with the top of the international jazz world? It is all possible in Rotterdam! Because studying at the Jazz department of Codarts means a lot more than just taking classes: in the course of your studies, you will perform on stage, meet guest teachers from all over the world and join in a lively informal exchange with a choice selection of musicians who define jazz in the Netherlands and beyond.


In the pop music industry you need to be a jack-of-all-trades who not only delivers artistic and creative top presentations, but who is also self-aware and professional. The pop department at Codarts trains you to be a multifaceted musical personality with an individual signature. As a top talent in the multidisciplinary Codarts environment, you can develop into the best performer, producer or songwriter.


With five completely different music genres from five different countries, the world music department of Codarts is unique in the world. The flamenco guitar study area has been available at Codarts since 1985. In 1990 the World Music department was founded. Now you can participate in study areas focusing on flamenco guitar, Indian music, Afro-Caribbean music, Brazilian music and Latin/Latin jazz, Argentinian tango and Turkish/Anatolian music.

Flávio Silva

Flávio Silva North Sea Round Town, the main warm-up to the North Sea Jazz Festival, is swarming with young talent. Codarts is very well represented. In the coming weeks, a number of musicians will introduce themselves on Codarts.nl. This time: Flávio Silva....

Snarky Puppy in the WMDC

Recently the American top band Snarky Puppy came to Codarts to give workshops for the Jazz, Pop and World Music students. The musicians, who won a Grammy Award this year, shared their virtuoso playing artistry, experiences and advice with their audience for a whole...

Marianne Svašek wins award

Women in Dhrupad,  Marianne Svašek and Céline Wadier, were awarded with the Best Newcomer Award during the Varanasi Dhrupad Mela on the 27th of February. Singer Marianne Svašek studied dhrupad with Ustad Fariduddin Dagar who passed away last year. She is teaching at...

codartsworld music and dance centre

Where do Cape Verdian musicians, Indian dancers, flamenco guitarists and breakdancers meet together in a dynamic metropolitan setting? In September 2006 the World Music and Dance Centre (WMDC) was started in Rotterdam.

The WMDC is an initiative of Codarts, University for Professional Arts Education in collaboration with the Rotterdam Foundation for Arts Education (SKVR). The WMDC is a platform, expertise and course centre and meeting point for music and dance from all parts of the world. In addition to neighbourhood-oriented activities in Delfshaven the WMDC offers professional courses in five world music traditions, music and dance courses for amateurs, extra training and refresher courses for professionals, research in the field of world music education and a platform for local and international talent.

At a historical location in the Delfshaven municipal district a large-scale yet intimate complex has arisen which can house both new and existing world music initiatives on a city-wide, national as well as international level. This has resulted in a unique concert venue, expertise centre and meeting point for music and dance styles from all over the world, varying from Argentinian tango to Indian ragas, from Surinam Kawina to Turkish saz music. This way the centre aligns itself with the cultural diversity of its direct environment, the developments in present-day music practice in which non-western music styles play an increasingly important role, and with the growing demand for world music courses and teachers.

The WMDC is aimed at the non-western performing arts, including (world) music and dance, and will be an inspiring environment for:

- talent development (school projects, courses, higher professional and post-academic education)
– research (theory formulation, archive and knowledge centre) and
– performance (‘the stage as a meeting place and laboratory’).

For whom?
The WMDC will become a meeting-place for everyone who is interested in world music and dance. Through community arts projects at neighbourhood level and introductory world music courses and workshops at schools, children and young people from different cultural backgrounds will get to know the centre. Amateurs (young and old) are welcome to take part in courses and workshops in different kinds of world music and dance at the music and dance school.
HBO students from Codarts take short academic courses at the WMDC. Performing and teaching musicians (from home and abroad) will be able to take part in contract training and masterclasses. Professionals (researchers, programmers, radio makers and so on) can receive extra training and refresher courses. Educational institutions will make use of the WMDC due to the increasing demand they have for world music: most schools have to contract music from outside because they no longer have professional music teachers on their staff. But most of all the WMDC stage, due to the very broad programming, is a place for a very broad audience.


The WMDC is an initiative of Codarts, University for Professional Arts Education in collaboration with the SKVR (Rotterdam Foundation for Arts Education). Additionally, both the Rotterdam municipality and the European Union invest in the centre. The SKVR and Codarts will both house their activities which fit in with the vision of the WMDC in the centre.

The WMDC has been partly made possible by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) of the European Commission. With thanks to the EU, Rotterdam Municipality and the Delfshaven district council.

For more information about the WMDC see www.wmdc.nl.